NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Over 150,000 passengers were screened over the holiday weekend at the Nashville International Airport, making it the busiest holiday weekend to travel this year. 

To keep up with the high travel demand in Music City, a couple expansion projects are expected to be completed at the beginning of the new year at BNA. 

Come January, the grand lobby is expected to be unveiled.

“We will go from six lanes to 24 security lanes here at BNA,” said Stacey Nickens, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications.

Nickens said this will help with passenger volume as TSA saw a record-breaking year with 18.4 million passengers at the airport. This as the transportation industry recovers from the pandemic.

“It was really shocking for us to see how the numbers went down but the good thing for us is it allowed us to fast forward our construction,” Nickens said.

Fast forward to next December, construction will be completed on the airport hotel with a new parking garage underneath. 

“The garage is four stories, the hotel will sit nine stories above that. And you will be seeing this pedestrian walk path opening up here in January of 2023,” Nickens said.

“I think what is exciting is the same growth you see happening in Nashville, is the same growth we are seeing here in BNA, so having the infrastructure in place to help passengers navigate our airport and having a space to do it with these high numbers, it is really needed here in BNA,” Nickens said.

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On top of all the new amenities at BNA, an international arrivals facility is expected to open in the fall of 2023 as well as a satellite concourse, adding more flight options.