NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Just one week ago, Bellevue residents wanted to know what’s going on with Ariza Bellevue.

“We didn’t want to come back until we have solutions,” said Alan Thompson. “So here we are.”

Thompson is one of the developers for Ariza Bellevue and said their solution is to raise Coley Davis Road.

“It’s a significant improvement we need for the Ariza development,” he said. “It’s a significant improvement we need for the residents to the west down Coley Davis Road.”

Thompson said after hearing neighbors’ concerns, they spent the last several months working on a new plan.

Developers Cypressbrook said along with raising the road, they also want to widen it to prevent the street from flooding in extreme weather events, and allow emergency vehicles to pass should the road be congested with traffic.

The new plans will raise 2900 linear feet of Coley Davis Road above the 2010 flood levels. It will allow residents west of the property and the new apartment project access to a swift evacuation during a meaningful storm event.

The new plan will also create a left turn lane on Coley Davis Road onto a new access bridge to the property.

If approved, Thompson said they would pay for the road improvements. He also estimated that construction would last around 18 months.

“We’ll lift one half while leaving the existing portion of the road open, wide enough that it would accommodate two way traffic,” he said.

Thompson said they would focus on raising the road and building a bridge first before constructing the apartments.

The new plan followed a series of tests to ensure feasibility. Those tests included hydraulic modeling, an assessment of storm water impact data, a review of upriver and downriver data since 2000 via a local NOAA gauge station at the Harpeth River, and a traffic impact study.

Their new plans also include donating 20 acres of property to Metro Parks for public use, and will include a vital connection to the Harpeth River Greenway identified in Metro Parks’ “Plan to Play” master plan via a new connector under the adjacent CSX railway to a new bridge connecting Coley David Road.

Developers said along with funding the improvements for the road, they would also fund the new access bridge and greenway. They estimate saving taxpayers more than $12 million with these improvements.

“The amount of public improvements it brings to our area is substantial,” Thompson said. “We’re fixing a life, safety, and welfare issue with a flooding issue and being isolated with Coley Davis Road. That’s a major, major plus.”

With these new changes, Thompson is hopeful it’ll help their project get approved later this year.

“With these type of amenities improved, safety issues addressed without utilizing tax payer dollars, it’s a win for everybody,” said Thompson.

Thompson added they will hold two meetings to continue gathering public feedback that they plan to alert residents about soon.

The first meeting will be for residents in District 22 on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the Bellevue Community Center.

The second meeting will be for residents in District 35 on Thursday, Feb. 2 and will be virtual.

Thompson said they are hoping to present their project to Metro’s Planning Commission to be voted on in February.