MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — “You get a little bit of every kind of traffic here.”

For the last five years, Lt. Greg Walker’s main focus has been on Murfreesboro’s traffic.

“Obviously Murfreesboro’s very busy,” Walker said. “Lot of people [are] either coming into it or going to Nashville, or traveling through.”

After continuous calls, the department decided to take things a step further, launching a webpage allowing people to report traffic complaints last fall.

“When we first implemented it obviously we got a lot…hundreds very quickly over a short amount of time,” said Walker.

Now Walker said they average around five to six legit complaints a week. He said once he hears a complaint, he’ll place a stealth stat machine out for a week to record data.

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“It’ll record how many cars go by, the exact time they went by, what their speed was and it catches them coming and going,” he said.

From there he can use that information to decide how his officers will address speeding in that particular area.

Speed humps can be found in certain neighborhoods that are part of the city’s traffic calming program.

The City of Murfreesboro also uses speed radar signs to help reduce speeding.

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“The more information the citizens can give us then the faster we can get ahold of the situation out there with the speeding or any other issue that they are having,” said Walker.

While all these options are helpful, Walker said the more residents reach out, the more they can work to keep streets safe. “Anything we can use..any tools like the complaint form online…anything that the citizens can do to help us do our job better….we’ll take it.”

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