Motorists turn to technology to help combat dangerous drivers

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With dangerous drivers, accidents happen and the process of insurance and litigation can be a hassle. 

Drivers are now installing car cameras as a way to ease those hassles.

Roy Archuleta has an older-model truck. He’s had a head unit, dash camera, and blind-spot cameras installed on his vehicle. 

“If it’s your vehicle, might as well make it your own right? Might as well add your safety to your vehicle,” said Archuleta. 

Archuleta had a lot of the installations done at Cartronics in Madison. 

Cartronics general manager, Nathan Dunn, told News 2 that car cameras are becoming more popular.

“With the influx of people moving to Nashville, the roads are jam-packed so having that evidence for the insurance companies when an accident does happen, is very helpful.”

Dunn said backup cameras are becoming standard on vehicles and there are a variety of cameras that can be added to older vehicles as well. 

He adds that one of the easiest installations is done by replacing the rear view mirror. 

A replacement rear view mirror can show views from a variety of backup or side view cameras.

Some of the newer model cameras have 360-degree visibility. Dunn said that visibility is a great way for Uber and Lyft drivers to keep track of what happens inside their vehicles. 

He demonstrated how the camera works. 

“All the footage that’s recorded and stored, I can go back and view from a 360-degree angle… at any time. If someone rear ends me, I still footage of what I was doing. That way if I’m not texting and driving, if I’ve got my seatbelt on, I’ve got footage of that.”

Dunn said basic cameras to more advanced can range from around 80 dollars up to 300 dollars, with installation fees.

Archuleta said the costs are worth it. 

“There’s no price on safety.” 

News 2 also spoke to insurance agents who said car cameras can also help expedite your claims and fight insurance fraud. 

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