MURFREESBORO, Tenn., (WKRN) — Any mysterious disappearance can be haunting. For detectives working to figure out what happened to China Videon, the case has haunted them for 21 years.

Videon was 16-years-old when she vanished from a hair salon in Murfreesboro in 1999. “She didn’t have a cell phone. She had a pager,” explained Captain Britt Reed with the Rutherford County Criminal Investigations Department. ” She would always answer her mother back. And when she would not respond back the mother knew immediately.”

Detectives put up her photo around town in an effort to find her all those years ago, “We had flyers all over the place,” said Captain Reed recalled.

“I was in the unit at the time. I was actually one of the early detectives that assisted with the investigation,” Captain Reed added the information has been extremely limited and the case has puzzled them ever since.

Captain Reed pointed out, “It was different back then because we didn’t have the use of social media, and we had to rely on basically going out and trying to find contacts and talking to people.”

Even though photos of Videon were posted, it took some time to get any leads in the case. Captain Reed said, “We didn’t really have anything new come to us until we found her car several months later in an apartment complex in Antioch.”

After looking for clues, Captain Reed said no foul play was evident from the car, “We’ve had persons of interest that we’ve looked at and it’s still an open investigation.”

As time passes, Reed said he won’t stop looking for information that may have been overlooked, “At this point anything, anything could be of value for us.”

If you have any information on what may have happened to China Videon you are urged to call the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office (615) 904-3038.

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