Missing Kid Mysteries: News 2 Special Sunday 4:30 p.m.

Special Reports

When a child goes missing, families are left with heartache and anxiety. As days turn into months and years, those emotions only deepen.

Some of these cases involve kidnapping, parental abduction or children who potentially decided to run away. Click to picture below to learn more. 

Missing Kids Mysteries

News 2 is working with law enforcement and families to investigate local cases.

Investigators are opening the case files for us to get at new information to help families find their sons and daughters.

News 2 investigates Missing Kid Mysteries with special reports. A special will air Sunday, Sept. 2.

Stories featured include:

Franklin brother, sister still missing after 9 years

Woman searches for answers 14 years after teen sister’s disappearance

Millersville baby’s disappearance remains mystery 7 years later

How does National Center for Missing and Exploited Children create age progression photos?

Mother, toddler’s disappearance puzzles authorities 14 years later

Questions linger 14 years after Franklin toddler’s 2004 disappearance

After nearly 20 years, search continues for White County teens who vanished

Lucy Meadows, toddler who vanished in Rivergate Mall parking lot, still missing after 22 years

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