Metro police reveal crime scene photos to generate leads for ‘solvable’ crime

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The East Nashville neighborhood has changed since 32-year-old Channing Lockridge was gunned down just two years ago.

“Most of the houses over there are torn down, and they’ve built new ones,” said his mother, Nola Lockridge.

While the street is now saturated with “tall skinnies”, 1408 Chester Avenue is still intact. 

Lockridge was at the residence visiting a friend on May 26, 2017. 

“There had been some issues over there, so we all tried to tell him not to go,” said Mrs. Lockridge. “But he went on, and he said, ‘Aw, I’ll be ok.'”

Around 11:30 p.m. shots rang out from a car driving past the home. Lockridge, who was standing near his SUV, was shot in the head and died almost instantly.

“It hurts every day. Hurt when I go to work. We just ain’t the same no more,” said William Lockridge, Channing’s father. “You just can’t get over it.  I find myself going to work crying, getting to work crying, leaving work crying. Sometimes you can’t eat, you can’t sleep.”  

Lockridge had worked for UPS for over 11 years. He was also a doting son.

“He was very warm and personal. He told me mostly everything,” said his mom.

Det. Chuck Rutzky with the Metro Police Cold Case Unit said he was shocked no one else was killed that night.

“With random gunfire like this, with as many people that were standing out there,” he said. “There was even a small child, an 11-year-old that was standing nearby. Anyone of those people could have been killed by this gunfire.”

Rutzky released several crime scene photos that were taken that night. They show a horrific scene with bullet holes and scattered clothing. It is unclear who was the intended target.

Rutzky believes this is a solvable crime, needing only the right person to come forward. However, some witnesses may fear retaliation or not trust the police.

“It is not a matter of who wants to talk to the police. It’s who’s willing to give these families the answers that they deserve,” he told News 2. “But sometimes over time, there’s various motivations that people may have to come forward.”

Channing’s parents say information about their son’s murder will help bring them closure.

“Please just give us some information so we could feel better,” said Nola Lockridge. “Because right now we’re just drowning in tears.”

If you have any information on who killed Channing Lockridge, you’re urged to call Nashville Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME

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