PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sitting outside her home, Stacy Greer shares the story of her loss with News 2, “Sometimes God will give you something and you think it means one thing and you realize it really means something else.”

It has been a long journey for the Pleasant View native, but she has never doubted her husband Daniel was placed in her life for a purpose.

“I just knew. I knew I was going to marry him,” she said.

Greer said his warm smile and contagious laugh made it easy for even strangers to feel like friends. He was a firefighter and EMT for Ashland City and joined the Marine Corp reserves. Service wasn’t a sacrifice but rather part of his soul.

“He loved being a firefighter, and a marine, and a husband, being a father — and he was great at it all,” remembered Greer.

The couple’s son, Ethan, was only 14-months-old when 25-year-old Cpl. Greer volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan in 2010. The working mom braced for life alone but otherwise was okay.

“God’s given me this peace that he’s going to be ok,” she recalled.

They said their goodbyes, “I walked back to my car, and I was compelled to run up and hug him one more time and give him one more kiss,” Greer remembered.

Months passed. Then came Friday, August 6th.

“The whole day went by and it was kinda a crappy day. I can’t explain it. It’s like my soul just knew something wasn’t right,” Greer said.

She learned her husband was hurt.

“I’m still driving at this point where 65 and 440 kinda meet,” she said.

Greer rushed to her parent’s house where she learned, “An IED went off, and he was hit right here,” Greer said while pointing to the left side of her forehead.

Tragically, Cpl. Greer was brain dead.

“When I saw him, I knew he was already gone,” she shared.

That’s when the widow learned of a letter her husband wrote from combat to a pastor back home. She hasn’t shared it publicly until now.

“I just feel like others need to hear this,” she said.

In his own words, Cpl. Greer described an intense firefight. “That’s when they opened fire on me and a few others with AK-47s. Without God protecting me, I would have looked like a slow duck on opening day of duck season. I’m not sure the exact day that I started praying before I left to go on patrol, but on June 18th, I realized wholeheartedly that I really can’t do this without God.”

Greer finally understood something she couldn’t make sense of before, “God’s giving me the peace that he’s going to be ok, and that ok was meaning he was going to go to heaven, not that he was going to come back.”

With a newfound purpose, Greer said, “I feel like God is also using me to save other people because of Daniel’s story – that I feel compelled to tell.”

And, she won’t stop sharing until her time comes.

“Thank God for saving him, because then we’ll get to see him again one day.”