ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The mayor of Cheatham County has a secret he wants to share. “[Cheatham County] is one of the safest, best places you’ll ever live, yet still 15-20 minutes from anything you want,” said Kerry McCarver.

Those who live there say they recognize future growth as a pathway to a vibrant, enduring community. A community that is stepping into the future with the heart and soul of a small town.

Mayor McCarver said they have seen a growth of 5% over 10 years. “It is growth we can manage, it’s positive and a good thing for the county to have that kind of growth.”

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But with that growth comes some challenges. One of the areas with the most growth in the county is Pleasant View. That spike has caused an impact on their roads says Mayor Bill Anderson.

Pleasant View is home to some of the larger developments in Cheatham County. “I think growth, in general, is not the evil one here,” said Mayor Anderson. “I think the fact we’re trying to cram too many houses in too little of an area and that’s what people are upset about.”

It is a different story near Kingston Springs and Pegram, where a 22,000-acre wildlife reserve, that cannot be developed, sits.

The areas that are being developed are also growing in price – up 70% in five years. “Five years ago, you wanted to buy a house for $150,000, now it’s selling for $300,000+,” said Daniel Wree, Agent at Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX.

Compared to Nashville prices, it’s not so bad. “For what we pay here we’d probably have half the size of a house in Davidson County,” Ashland City resident, Charles Albert, said.

It’s why Mayor McCarver says the secret is out on Middle Tennessee’s best-kept secret, “It’s good to have property and a house in Cheatham County, no doubt about that.”

Nashville housing prices are driving some buyers well outside of Davidson County. News 2 explores the opportunity and the impact in those communities in a special series Moving Out.

McCarver says they’re seeing a lot of empty nesters moving to the county, which helps with maintaining their growth in schools. Despite their population growth, much of that growth came from adults.