The strange history of Gallatin: Part 2

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GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – “I’ve experienced a lot of weird little things that I can’t explain.”

Allen Sircy researched the history of Gallatin for his book, Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin. He discovered a strange history for the town that dates back to when it was founded in 1802.

In Part 1, Sircy explained the unfortunate events that occurred in the years following the establishment of Gallatin and took you on a tour of Timeless Treasures. But that just scratched the surface of the city’s spooky history.

A Daisy A Day

A Daisy A Day Vintage and Antiques sits in the town square. Like most businesses in the area, it once served as a storefront on one floor and a residence on the second.

The owners tell Sircy they’ve experienced a number of electronic oddities. The open sign turns on and off by itself in the middle of the night and they’ve seen a strange light floating up and down the stairs on the security cameras.

Upstairs seems to be occupied by two permanent residents. One of the spirits is said to be a woman in a blue dress. “Supposedly, she makes her presence known from time to time,” Sircy said.

Over in the dressing room, you may bump into the spirit of a little girl who likes to play dress up.

The dressing room where supposedly the ghost of a young girl likes to play dress up in.

Pickled Treats and Antiques

In another part of Gallatin, you’ll find Pickled Treats and Antiques. The building sits on property that once was part of Rose Mont.

If you take a stroll around the store, you might find a priceless antique, or a ghost named James.

Not much is known about James, “They say that he is either a servant for the Guild family, or he was the caretaker for the elderly lady that lived in the home in the ’40s and ’50s,” explained Sircy.

Store owners say they’ve heard weird things in the building, like the sound of breaking glass, only to find nothing broken. And each morning, the front door of the vintage dollhouse in the back of the store has somehow been opened.

Gallatin is a city packed with a rich history and spooky phenomenon. You can see for yourself by taking a short drive to Sumner County or picking up a copy of Sircy’s Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin.

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