FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Something eerie is happening in Franklin. The Middle Tennessee city, popular for its quaint atmosphere, diverse local shops, and popular restaurants, is gaining attention for things that people just can’t explain.

But Joe Bamford has an explanation of his own. “I like to believe that there are some things that science just hasn’t figured out yet. So we give them these names: ghosts, angels, permanent residents, spirits. Call them what you will, but they’re here!”  

Joe is the owner of Franklin on Foot, a company that gives themed tours of the city. One of the more popular tours is a ghost tour, and Joe has plenty of material to work with.

A spot that’s caught his eye is Tin Cottage, a homey, local gift shop on Main Street. While the store is inviting to shoppers, it turns out that one of its oldest visitors is also one of its youngest. 

“The business owners had a child that came to work with them,” Tin Cottage owner, Marianne DeMeyers said. “We just kind of assume that’s him, and he’s just here having fun like he used to in a past life!”

Marianne says that this friendly ghost has taken to playing a game with the store employees.

“There’s this small box of crayons, like the kind you get at restaurants. It’s for the kids! It would start showing up in different boxes. One day, I put it in a bag, put it in a garbage can, had somebody watch me walk out and put it in a dumpster…and a few days later I found it back again in one of the boxes!”

Marianne is confident that this young spirit is just looking for some fun. She welcomes his presence in the store, and continues to hide the box of crayons, just wondering where it will turn up next!

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