NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Stories of a haunting at Union Station in downtown Nashville have been passed down through the years. Most of them include a young woman named Abigail.

A number of people who have stayed at the hotel believe her spirit lives in Room 711.

That room is different than any other room in the hotel. Every piece of decor is handpicked for one permanent guest…Abigail.

“It’s meant to kind of be an homage to her, like this picture back here,” said Kate Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Once upon a time, Union Station was a bustling train depot.

”This was a spot where millions of servicemen came in and out of as they were getting on trains to go to their various stations,” said Thompson.

During the World War II era when Union Station was a train station, a young woman named Abigail came to this spot to say goodbye to her beau before he shipped off to France.

When the war was over, she went back to the same spot, but instead of finding him, she found out he wasn’t coming home.

That’s when, as the story goes, she threw herself onto the tracks in front of a train.

“She is known to roam the halls looking for her lost love, but this is definitely the room that she has claimed as hers. This is where we hear the most,” said Thompson.

She told News 2 that guests who have stayed in Room 711 have reported hearing strange noises and seeing things out of the norm.

Thompson explained, “We’ll hear the phones are ringing but nobody’s there, the lights will go on and off, random noises from above the room, but this room is on the top floor of the hotel.”

She continued, “We had a gentleman who was actually working for the company who stayed in this room and heard dragging noises above his head, and he said it sounded like furniture like they were moving heavy pieces of furniture and just dragging it and dragging it.”

Union Station bartender Pandy Elferdink has also heard a number of Abigail tales.

“We used to have mirrors up on the seventh floor and people have sworn they’ve gone up there by that room and taken pictures and seen a silhouette,” said Elferdink.

She told News 2 she’s never had any encounters but has felt a presence at times.

“There is a time when I’ve gone down the steps over here at night, sometimes I might get a little chill, but I’m not afraid, but it is weird,” said Elferdink.

Not much is known about Abigail other than the story of her death, that she was in her 20s when it happened, and that for whatever reason, she is drawn to Room 711.

But hotel staff says rather than be afraid, guests should embrace her presence.

“She’s not mean, she’s not vicious, but she makes her presence known,” explained Thompson.

There are suspicions that the reason Abigail haunts Room 711 is so she can look out of the window and see the train tracks. If you’re brave enough, you could always stay in Room 711 and see if she makes her presence known to you.

The train terminal closed in the 70s, and the building sat empty until the mid-80s when it was revitalized as a hotel.