MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Halloween doesn’t come just once a year for a group of paranormal investigators in Murfreesboro.

In the middle of a booming business district, lie spirits and mysteries from the past. Something “Big John” loves to uncover.

“It started with my son,” he said. “We had always done a lot of things growing up together and when he got to be 16, we looked for something that was a little unusual to do together. We went on a ghost tour ourselves and from there, it just kind of spiraled.”

For the last ten years, he’s led Stones River Paranormal Investigations on cases not just locally, but across nine different states and even at sea on a cruise ship.

Their walking tours filled with history, folklore tales and hollowing stories about the square in Murfreesboro started in 2018.

“Usually when I am with a group, we always have someone at least that has gotten a picture of something in a window,” said Tammie Campbell, one of the tour’s employees.

Each chilling discovery is shared with the public. The team uses special equipment to capture audio and video evidence. They show them to guests on the tour on several stops along the way.

“We don’t base our findings on our feelings, we base it on facts,” said Big John.

The Center for the Arts in the square used to be the home of a children’s library and employees still report hearing children laughing.

The team has captured audio of a very angry man inside of a former music store, now turned into a title company. People who work there get very scared in one hallway that is said to be spooky.

Each tour is different and you never know who or what you’ll see.

Tours typically sell out fast and run from March through October. The last tour of 2020 is October 30th. You can learn more about the tours and buy tickets here.

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