Homestead Manor’s history: Rich and interesting–or unsettling?

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THOMPSON’S STATION, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some might say the Homestead Manor in Thompson’s Station has rich and interesting history, though others may find it a little unsettling.

In 1863, a Civil War battle happened at the site and at the time, it was Dr. Elijah Thompson and his family who turned the house into a makeshift hospital for the soldiers.

Fourteen hundred people died in and around the home.

“The battle was all around this area, so as people were getting killed they would bring them in the house. There were so many of them. There’s blood stains on the steps all the way to the third floor,” said former homeowner Marcia Franks.

Franks and her family were the last to live at the home and she has a story to tell about almost every room in the house.

She told News 2 her family hadn’t even moved in yet when they began hearing stories of the paranormal. The first while the previous owners were having an estate sale.

“One of the people from the sale came up to me and said, ‘Marcia, you have a ghost! You have a ghost!’ And she was so excited about it. ‘You have a ghost upstairs! A little girl!’” Franks recalled.

She continued, “There was a little girl that said she talked with the little girl ghost upstairs. That was my first inkling of things are happening here that I may not like.”

After that, everyone was a little apprehensive about being in the house – even the workmen working on remodeling refused to work there alone.

She said the room with the most paranormal activity was the master bedroom.

“I had pictures of both of my daughters, Tanya and Breanna, and they were in little heart frames and every single time from the day we moved in, I would walk in this room and my daughter Breanna’s picture would be backward,” Franks said. “I tried to come up with every idea of what could have made that happen from the floors moving or something. But Tanya’s was right next to Breanna’s and it never moved.”

Breanna definitely thought the ghost didn’t like her and someone, or something, often visited her in her third-floor bedroom.

“At night when she was asleep up here on two different occasions [she said] that someone sat down on the edge of her bed. She was not as afraid of ghosts as I,” said Franks. “She would lay there until the ghost would get up and go away and then she would come downstairs and say, ‘Mom the ghost just came to my bedroom!’”

Franks said the final straw with the spirits came as she was making the bed in the master bedroom.

“As I was putting the sheets underneath at the end, Breanna the picture who had turned backward every time, that picture flew from that wall over to that bed where I was changing it and hit me in my back. I first thought, ‘What was that?’ I thought something had fallen and I look down at the floor and there was Breanna’s picture on the floor,” Franks explained. “So yes, I did grab my purse and I left that day.”

Franks ultimately came back to the house, which was turned into a tea room and a gift shop.

“Since the bookcase was so tall we didn’t have merchandise up there, but I put books up there and on two different occasions a book flew over to my counter where I was selling the desserts,” Franks said. “It didn’t fall straight down. It went across the room as though someone had thrown it.”

A room full of maybe 20 people witnessed the paranormal. She said that’s when she learned there are three kinds of people.

“There are the people who want to see the ghost, the people who don’t want to see the ghost and someone like me who doesn’t even want to think about it,” she said.

The owner before Franks and her family was a physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He took a sample from the bloodstains on the stairs and found 26 different DNA matches in one sample.

Homestead Manor is now a restaurant, owned and operated by the same family who runs the Puckett’s franchise.

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