FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – The art that occupies Gallery 202 may be modern, but nearly everything else, inside, and outside, has a very long, very detailed history.

Built in 1821, the building, dubbed Clouston Hall, was a second home for a man named Edward G. Clouston. In the nearly 200 years between then and now, it’s become a time capsule full of treasures that may be tough to put into words.

“I really do think you have to be in tune with it, and if you’re not, one day you will be probably because I’ve seen and heard ghosts since I was a little child. A lot of people do actually,” Gallery 202’s owner, Kelly Harwood, said. 

Kelly said he bought the building knowing it was a hot spot for haunted activity, knowing the house belonged to its permanent residents above anyone else The origins of the oldest inhabitant sound like a Shakespearean tragedy and trace back to the building’s first owner.

“The original owner, Mr. Clouston, his daughter hung herself on the staircase,” Harwood explained.

“It was a sad story, she wanted to marry her sweetheart. She was a teenager. And her father said, no you have to marry this older gentleman. It was an arranged marriage, and she didn’t want to because she was in love with a younger man. So she took her life.”

He said the spirit will appear from time to time. However, in terms of the building’s haunted past, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of serving its purpose for Mr. Clouston, the building became a Civil War hospital. The right side of the home was reserved for surgeries, specifically amputations. You can still see bloodstains on the floor from overflowing buckets.

Kelly said it’s where he had one of his most bone-chilling encounters. “This windowpane right here, I was going to try to take a picture of an orb that everyone kept talking about that they see in this front window during the ghost tours that they’re on,” he said. “Up here was a face of a man screaming, and his mouth was open. But it wasn’t just open, it was larger than life open. And inside his mouth were other faces screaming.”

Despite all the haunted activity, Kelly said he wouldn’t change a thing about where he spends his days. He’s hoping more and more people will come out and experience the scares with him.

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