From Victim to Survivor: Stopping the stigma of child sexual abuse

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Unspeakable Crimes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A victim no more, Lisa Cloyd is a survivor. Years of therapy empower her to recount the horrific events she endured as an adolescent in the hopes of helping others heal.

“This is not my fault that this happened to me. I had no control. If people would just stop being afraid to talk about it. I want my bad experiences to help somebody somewhere,” said Cloyd.

She attributes growing up in a home with a lack of supervision for aiding the sexual abuse that started when she was just 9 years old.

“Being in that environment lead me to be abused by my brother’s friends that came into the house. They took me out to the cornfield. I was gang-raped, and then they left me walking down the road crying because I had no idea where I was at,” explained Cloyd.

The numerous horrific acts lasted for years and Cloyd kept the secret as her life spiraled out of control.

“I went from being top of my class to not ever going.”

Looking back, Cloyd wishes someone would have helped her.

“In the 70s no one wanted to get in anybody’s business. It was a very hush-hush subject. That’s what makes me so mad. It’s 2020 and people are still no stepping up. You got to teach your kids that it’s ok to talk, no matter what it is.”

Cloyd hopes society will help enforce the mantra these horrible events don’t define victims.

She overcame horror and refers to herself as a survivor.

“I have two beautiful daughters. I graduated cum laude from Belmont. I have a great job. I was awarded an award this year for emerging leaders.”

The circumstances of her childhood, not a death sentence, rather a launching pad for advocacy.

“You have to tell them, this is not their fault,” pleaded Cloyd.

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