NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Brandon Gibson, known to his colleagues here at News 2 as Gibby, met his core group of friends while on the computer.

“It’s the same group of guys I’ve been talking to nightly, if not almost every other night, for 20 years,” Gibby says.

They’re located thousands of miles from each other.

“There’s a couple that live in Cleveland, some that live in Canada, there’s a few that live in Atlanta, a few that live in Florida,” he says, “I would have never met them if it wasn’t for a game.”

They started on dial-up in the late 90s chatting now on Discord. Just one of many things that have changed about the sport they love.

“When I started out 20 years ago as a competitive gamer, the community was much smaller,” says Gibby.

That group was then at the top of their game.

“Once we started competing I was hooked,” he says, “We played at a couple of the World Championships, we played at the World Series, we went to the World Cup qualifier.”

Brandon “Gibby” Gibson, News 2 IT specialist

The once single guys grew up gaming.

“We’re all married. We have jobs. We all have kids,” Gibby explains.

Not as conducive for all-nighters behind a console. But, he’s not missing out on guy time. They don’t schedule flights or take days off work, they just find a few minutes to play and catch up.

It’s a way more people are finding friendship, Gibby says. True friendships, leveling up, thanks to a commitment to the craft and each other.

“Obviously there are people who think you’re just sitting at home being a nerd and that you live in your mom’s basement playing video games all the time,” he says, “Now that’s not true.”