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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you’re getting unwanted calls from numbers you don’t recognize, you’re far from alone.

A report by the Federal Communications Commission shows half of the calls Americans receive this year are spam. 

“Every month we put out an estimate of the number of robocalls in America; it was 5.7 billion last month,” said Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail. “Everybody has a robocall problem and everybody is looking for a solution.” 

YouMail has a solution; it’s a free app that blocks robocalls.

“What YouMail does is it basically replaces your mobile voicemail with a service that can greet robocallers differently than everyone else,” Quilici said. “When a robocaller calls, we recognize it’s a bad number. We keep it so your phone won’t ring. When it hits our voicemail platform, instead of saying ‘hello, you’ve reached so and so, it’s (a disconnection tone) and ‘this number is not in service’. That generally fools the robocaller into thinking: hey, why should I bother calling this number anymore?”

YouMail has more than 10 million users. Quilici said most report the app blocks up to 95 percent of robocalls, which prevents potential scammers from getting through.

“If you never have the phone ring, you can’t be scammed,” Quilici said. “And in our case, not only does the phone not ring but if somebody does manage to leave a voicemail, we’ll tell you that’s a scam voicemail. You can just ignore it.”

Quilici said YouMail has blocked more than a billion robocalls. But the problem isn’t going away. He said the number of these unwanted calls has doubled in the last two years.

“Despite all the efforts, regulation, enforcement, carriers putting out new technology, apps, you name it, all of that is still leading to a massive number of robocalls. It’s a very hard problem to solve,” Quilici said. 

YouMail is available for free in the app store. It also allows you to customize a voice message for each of your contacts and will send transcribed voicemails to your email. There are other apps that provide similar services as well. 

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