NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s no shortage of news reports highlighting the local activity of Felony Lane Gang members. “Most of them are stationed in South Florida. They are responsible for a lot of identity thefts, credit card fraud,” said Major Tim Bailey, Chief of Detectives, Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.

Now though, there is a more elaborate scam that crossed into state lines involving a Tennessee man. “They called an older gentleman and said his grandson was in jail, that he’d hit someone, that he was injured, and purported that he was the grandson’s attorney,” explained Bailey. “He needed $20,000 to represent him. The judge had issued a gag order – so you can’t talk to him.”

The unsuspecting grandfather got the money to help. “What we found out is that they flew to Nashville, rented a car, and they would drive to these locations after setting up the scam,” Bailey said.

The next part of the scheme Bailey said came when the caller, posing as the attorney, explained a currier will collect the money. “So, this person just sees a transportation company show up, they hand them a box of money.”

In the rented car, the Felony Lane Gang members track the driver’s location on the app, following the driver out of plain sight. “They may tell them to deliver it to one place, and then watch for law enforcement for about five minutes, and then tell them hey, we’ve moved to this location,” described Bailey. “So, they’ll watch them go to that location, no law enforcement presences, they’ll take the package, which is the money, and pay the transportation service their money. Then they would drive back to Miami.”

In this case, the criminals were intercepted in Miami. But once the money is gone, it’s gone. The Tennessee man couldn’t get his money back.

It’s an unfortunate outcome Bailey hopes to keep others from experiencing. He hopes spreading the word of this type of fraud stops others from falling victim. “It was very complicated, but it’s just an idea to the public of how far they’re willing to go.”

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