Students know exactly what to do during tornado drill at Smyrna school


The students at Thurman Francis Arts Academy in Smyrna know what to do when there is a tornado warning.  

The reason is because they practice the drill.  

“I really do feel really safe. There are a lot of adults here that are looking after me. We have really good safety regulations that will keep us all safe,” said eighth-grader Hailey-Ann Harlan.  

Principal Jeff McCann showed News 2 around the school and where he has students go during a drill.  

“Our priorities are to get them as close to the middle of the building as we can, close to a solid wall and away from any windows,” he explained.  

With more than 760 students in the school, McCann said he relies on his teaching staff to take roll and account for all the children.  

Aidan Woods, a third grader, told News 2 he knows exactly what is expected of him during a drill or when a warning occurs.  

“I would find my teacher and listen to what she says,” he said. “I would bend down to that wall right there and keep my head down so the tornado couldn’t get me.”  

Students practice tornado drills at least once a year. Principal McCann said his students can get to their safe spot in less than five minutes.  

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