Middle Tennessee’s winter forecast depends on El Niño


The winter forecast for Middle Tennessee this year will be impacted by a weak El Niño.

That means that the Eastern Pacific Ocean waters warm up and what that does is send our southern jet stream that directs the weather systems a little farther south.  

It will line up over Florida, which means a lot of severe weather this winter and not a great time to visit Disney.  

However, for Middle Tennessee, the forecast is a little more tricky.  

“It typically means a slightly cooler than average winter for us in Middle Tennessee and there is an active jet stream to our south meaning more activity,” said Krissy Hurley, the Nashville National Weather Service Meteorologist. 

The big question mark is will the cold air be in place as these systems go by meaning will it be rain, snow or ice?

In a moderate to strong El Niño, the cold air is in place and that is usually will signal a colder snowier winter for Middle Tennessee.  

The winter of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 were two examples of this.

One thing El Niño does do is delay the severe weather season in Middle Tennessee. 

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