NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For years parents loved video games and hated them. Getting their kids to put the controller down was often met with deaf ears. Times have changed though because now those gamers are the parents.

“The internal team, the content creators, our social team, etc. they’re all mothers, they’re all parents with the Esports,” said Darren Young with Tennessee Esports.

Tennessee Esports is dedicated to helping those adults find their own gaming community.

“Some people are just there to hangout. They just want to meet like minded people that are in gaming and talk about what’s going on there; maybe there’s a certain game they’d like to play. There’s other people who are far more competitive,” said Young.

That community has a healthy amount of moms and dads.

“It’s more than gaming. I was looking for friends. I was looking for a big group of people to have fun with and I found it,” said Jordyn Silcox, who is a Hendersonville mom and gamer.

Silcox just game birth to her first child – a baby boy. However, when she sits him down, she enjoys picking up the controller.

“I try to play at least, at least, an hour and a half to two hours a day,” she said.

There’s a bond among gamers, but there is also a special bond among the parents.

“I did find some people who are mothers and we do play as much as possible and I absolutely adore them,” said Silcox.

There are a number of sports communities dedicated to just parents like “The Dad”. The gaming site has thousands of members and host it’s own tournaments. It allows dads a safe space to be dads – bad jokes and all.

That communication and sense of community are part of what makes gaming a totally different world today. It links thousands of people together.

“It’s more than just gaming,” Silcox said again. “These people are like my family now.”