DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dickson County’s six incorporated towns grew up along the railroad from Nashville to the Tennessee River. A county with the countryside, that is working to maintain its charm – despite the concrete.

I know the cities are having that issue right now with a lot of apartment complexes, and things like that, that have been approved and if they were all to come to fruition simultaneously it would be quite the issue,” said Bob Rial, Dickson County mayor.

Daniel Wree is an Affiliate Broker for Ashton Real Estate Group, REMAX Advantage. He says it looks a lot different now driving through the area, “Driving through Dickson you see these areas that used to be filled with trees just clear cut and you know they’re putting neighborhoods there.”

There are more than 1,000 dwellings approved inside Dickson city limits. “They’re resembling these tall and skinnies that are going up in Nashville,” Wree said.

Neighborhoods for the newcomers. “We have a lot of people moving in either from the Nashville area or out of state,” Mayor Rial said.

While many are gravitating toward Dickson, Burns, or White Bluff, Rial says some of their unincorporated areas are seeing the most growth. “A lot of the builders are coming out to this area because land is just cheaper, however, not as cheap as it was two years ago.”

The price of land rising, and with it, the cost of a home. “Just over the past year you’re looking at 20% increases in equity,” said Wree.

The question now – how do they keep the train of growth on the right track?

“I think they’ve got no other choice than to expand, eventually they will get to a tipping point where I think they’ll have to slow down,” said Wree.

Nashville housing prices are driving some buyers well outside of Davidson County. News 2 explores the opportunity and the impact in those communities in a special series Moving Out.

Mayor Rial says instead of using the term growth they like to look at it as “community improvement.” That’s what they’re looking to do with a new growth and transportation plan. They recently hired a consultant to help put that together.