SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Over 200 years ago, the state historic site, Cragfont, was known for its alluring exterior — now the home is considered one of the most haunted places in Tennessee.

“A lot of hauntings and occurrences have been recorded in the upstairs hallway, and bedrooms,” said Denise Hitchcock, Chairman of the Cragfont membership.

According to the official website for the Cragfont home, the Tennessee Historical Commission states, building of the home “started in 1798 and completed in 1802 by General James Winchester. Cragfont was the finest mansion house on the Tennessee frontier.”

Hitchcock echoes those sentiments, “The architectural attention to detail — it was just something that was not here. General Winchester built it as a symbol that he and his family were staying.”

She continued, saying the the home was built during a tumultuous time.

“Construction had begun right at the tail end at some of the last murders that had happened from scalpings by the Native Americans who were living in this area.”

Hitchcock shared stories that are believed to be hauntings from the home. She said many of the hauntings have been experienced by tour guides and caretakers within the last 20 years.

One story involved the previous caretaker, Lowell, who cared for Cragfont for 40 years.

“He started down the stairs, carrying the vacuum, and probably watching his steps …and all of a sudden you see him coming up with the rope around his neck and him struggling to get it off.”

News 2 was allowed to see surveillance video of this incident and other perceived hauntings at the home. The videos were not released to the public.

“Since we’ve installed cameras, security cameras — there’s no other explanation for it than it is something spiritual.” said Hitchcock

Cragfont also hosts seasonal events and is available for weddings. For details visit, click here.

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