CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — At the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Clarksville, there was a buzz over new business opportunities in late August.  

Mark Cook is an engineer with CEMC and a broadband manager of their brand new ‘Cumberland Connect’ Service.  

Cumberland Connect will offer broadband internet for the first time across all CEMC counties, including Montgomery. 

“I’ve been mayor a little over five years,” explained Jim Durrett, County Mayor. “Everywhere I go, Facebook messages, emails, people are asking me when are we gonna get internet service out in the rural areas of the county?” 

With this announcement, the service will be offered for the first time in Clarksville’s industrial complex. A feather in the cap, for a county on the rise.  

Business is booming Montgomery County, which is now a hub for international business, with the likes of Google, Hankook, and LG joining the fray.  

All of these joining an economy worth $5 Billion just two years ago. 

“Right now we’re really really in a good spot, we’ve got all the ingredients,” said Jeff Truitt, with the Economic Development Council.  

For Truitt and other county officials, the secret lies in the cost of living, a high-end school system, and relatively low taxes.  

That tax rate, Truitt says, was key in snagging VK Integrated Systems away from California.  

“They’re moving from California to the Middle Tennessee region, and they’re as excited as they can be,” he added.  

Truitt and others in Clarksville believe continued success, lies largely in three phases.  

Those include continuing success in recruiting, with hopes of filling their north and south corporate business parks.  

“Every day, every day we’re recruiting, just like a football coach,” said Durrett. “And there’s some interesting prospects out there.” 

They also hope to focus on maintaining growth and keeping the county on the cutting edge of technology, with countywide broadband being the next step.  

“People wanna be here, they’re moving here,” said Truitt. “So, we gotta control that and be ready for that growth.”