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The interstate. It’s a one-stop shop to wherever you need to go, making it a great tool for criminals. 

“The interstate system allows criminals to have really easy access to and from Clarksville,” said Sgt. Griffie Briggs with Clarksville police. 

That access can lead to a variety of crime that officers like Sgt. Briggs investigate. 

This makes collaboration with other agencies crucial. 

“We partner with every organization in our area to help solve those crimes because our bad guys are there bad guys and vice versa,” said Sgt. Briggs. 

Those partnerships have resulted in task forces between Clarksville police and other agencies across Middle Tennessee. 

Clarksville police created a “Copper Task Force” to fight the uptick in copper thefts and a group that investigates vehicle thefts. 

“We’ve established a group that looks for vehicle thefts and vehicle burglars in particular,” said Briggs. 

Clarksville police say vehicle burglaries are still their most prevalent type of crime in the last six months of 2018, with just over of 400 cases of it. 

“We have cars that we recover for other agencies as well as our cars, are recovered in various agencies around the state as well as, around the United States also.” 

But vehicles aren’t the only cases that connect Clarksville with other parts of the country. 

“Several months ago we had a gentleman that traveled from here up to Missouri and out to Arkansas exchanging propane tanks for money,” said Sgt. Briggs. 

The suspect managed to con people in all three states out of money and still hasn’t been caught. 

Briggs says the collaboration they use across state lines they’ll continue to use right in Middle Tennessee to keep the community safe. 

“The criminal element of our society is going to travel to where the can most easily commit the crime,”  said Sgt. Briggs. 

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