Car Theft Crime Wave: Gadgets to keep your car secure

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —It’s a decade-long trend in Nashville, with car thefts hitting a ten year high just two years ago. 

Now, consumers are turning more and more to security systems, hoping to deter a thief in the act. 

“We carry a brand called Viper, which is one of the best alarm systems out there,” noted Nicholas Burton, Manager of Street Sounds in East Nashville.

Burton has seen a steep rise in customers seeking security.

The alarm system also offers a sophisticated notification system, through specialized key-fobs, and even through your phone. 

“This actually will start vibrating and flashing, to let me know my vehicle has been tampered with,” explained Burton, while showing the specialized key. “With a cell phone, you have virtually unlimited range. The vehicle can be here in Tennessee, you can be in California, someone messes with your vehicle it will alert you via text message. 

Other common security items include steering wheel locks, GPS car tracking technology, and even dash cameras

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Another option rising in popularity is a tilt sensor, offered in certain security packages at Titan Motoring in Nashville, to help keep your wheels where they belong. 

“Lot of these thieves are getting pretty slick where they’ll lightly jack up the car without ever setting off the car, take the wheels right off the car,” said Philip Lindsey, owner of Titan Motoring. “Tilt sensors will basically if it moves at all from any position it was, it will set the alarm off.”

Through late April of this year, there were 881 auto-thefts in Nashville. 

Many of the cars were left unlocked, with keys still inside. 

To avoid being a statistic, lock your cars, take your belongings inside, and extra preparation never hurts. 

“If you’re kind of worried about that, or you feel like you’re living in an area that could be on the unsafer side, then yes let’s go ahead and be proactive,” said Burton. “Put an alarm system on it.” 

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