‘Breathing new life’ into Nashville Superspeedway

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LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Superspeedway is on the comeback trail.

After years of little activity and big uncertainty, the track in Lebanon is about to take on renewed life.

“That’s the kind of thing that’s fun. Breathing life into a place, into an organization that hasn’t been done in the past,” said Erik Moses, Nashville Superspeedway track President.

Moses is tasked with breathing new life into a previously dormant Nashville Superspeedway.

“We constructed this, developed it and opened it in 2001, and although it’s been dormant for the last 10 years, we don’t have too much work to do to get it back up to snuff,” said Moses. “We’re undergoing that work right now to make certain that we can deliver an experience that our fans are going to appreciate and deserve.”

He also wants to make the area proud. Wilson County’s recent growth, he believes, started with the track.

“We think proudly that what Wilson County decided to do to support this track, helped to lay the ground work for all the development that you’re seeing here now. Millions and millions of square feet and logistical facilities that have popped up here with millions more in the pipeline”

The track has been shut down for nearly a decade, but Moses believes the passion for racing never went away.

“This city and this region, Middle Tennessee, loves NASCAR,” he said. “It dates back to the 1950s here and we’re just so happy to bring it back. Bring NASCAR racing and Cup Series racing in particular back to Middle Tennessee.”

That’s right. In June of this year, NASCAR announced Nashville would host a Cup Series race in June of 2021. It will be the first Cup race in Nashville in 37 years.

“It’s a big responsibility to be the ones to bring it back, but one that we’re eager to take on and to make people happy.”

But, it’s not all about the life-long NASCAR fans. Moses wants to bring the sport to new Nashvillians.

“We have a really great product here. NASCAR has a really great product. It needs a little sunlight but giving it that sunlight in a place that loves it so much and such a rich history as Middle Tennessee and Nashville, I think in some ways is going to be easy. What we have to do is make certain we’re delivering on the expectations of our fans.”

His vision for the future doesn’t stop at NASCAR.

“We want to be a great and beloved NASCAR track for Middle Tennessee and beyond, but we also want to be more than a racetrack. We want to make certain this is a premier destination for live events for people in and around Wilson County, Rutherford, Davidson and Middle Tennessee.”

On Tuesday, the Nashville Superspeedway launched a new brand, website, and merchandise. To learn more about their vision, check out this video.

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