Keeping kids safe as students go back to school

Back to School

With back-to-school season fast approaching, comes kids out on the roads as they try to get to and from class.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to pay extra attention to school zones.

Lt. Travis Plotzer from the THP said the first thing is to slow down in school zones.

He said drivers should also look out for and follow the speed limit.

Next, he said, drive without distraction.

Put cell phones down and focus on the roads.

Lastly, watch for school buses.

“Obviously they’re big and bright colored. But we want drivers to watch for the kids who might be loading, unloading off those buses,” said Lt. Plotzer. “Give the buses room and give the students room.”

Lt. Plotzer said there will be more THP troopers out on the roads to enforce compliance in school zones as the school year approaches.

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