Dickson County H.S. introduces new Welcome Center to help keep students safe

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Mass shootings rob the lives of students and the peace of parents’ minds. 

Dickson County High School says they know that and they are trying to prevent any danger to students with a new safety feature – a Welcome Center.  

The Welcome Center will function like a membership office that you’d see at a country club. The center sits on the front of the school’s campus, adjacent from the main entrance.   

“There will be a person here that’s responsible for everything that comes in and out of here between say 8:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.,” explained Dickson County High School Principal Joey Holley.  

Dickson County schools sit on roughly 65 acres with a lot of open space. Administrators told News 2 that the high school’s geography made central office staff think deeper about safety.  

“The one thing we feel like it’s going to do, is more control over what comes in and out of the school on a daily basis,” said Holley.  

The center will work hand-in-hand with the school’s main entrance. The entrance will be gated after students arrive on campus in the morning, and then any visitor wishing to come on campus during school hours will have to check in at the Welcome Center.  

“It’s the first Welcome Center we’ve put in at any school system,” said Gerald Clifton, Dickson County Schools Maintenance Coordinator.  

Dickson County Schools says the Welcome Center will be complete by the time school starts on August 1.  

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