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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Yazoo’s new tasting room and brewhouse opens this weekend in Madison!

When the OG craft brewery outgrew their iconic digs in the Gulch, they expanded into a custom-made 5,000 square foot facility.

Yazoo Co-Owner Linus Hall is hoping the move will reconnect him with their original clientele.

“When you were just starting out 16 years ago, did you ever think you would have a big facility like this?” Thiele asked.

“No, never in my wildest dreams. Lylah and I would’ve been happy to make enough beer for us to drink at home and sell a little bit on the side but in a lot of ways, we had children when we started the brewery and the brewery is kind of like our child as well,” remarks Hall. “You can’t stop it from growing if it wants to grow!”

And grow it has!

Yazoo’s history

Yazoo hit the craft beer scene 16 years ago before local beer became trendy.

Even bar owners didn’t know what to think.

“When I started brewing, we’d go out and try to put our beers on tap and they’d say, well we already have all three kinds of beers, Coors Light, Miller Lite and High Life! So, we’d often have to educate people and I think we’re still kind of in that place of educating consumers as to what locally-made craft beer should taste like,” explains Hall.

Which is super fresh and complementary to the local fare.

“A lot of our original beers were my homebrew recipes scaled up to work on a bigger system,” Hall remarks. “Basically we wanted to have a beer that Southerners could embrace. It’s hot here, but we have a lot of spicy food, we have a great food culture and so we wanted to have beers that have a lot of flavors, were not super high in alcohol, beers that you could have three or four of.”

And by the looks of things Yazooligans are happy to imbibe.

“We call them our Yazoologans, they’re very loyal to our brand and followed us from Marathon Village to Division Street in the Gulch and hopefully they’ll come up here to Madison as well,” explains Hall. “We feel like being up here in Madison will reconnect us, in a lot of ways, with our existing customers who buy our beer on a regular basis.”

A sneak preview of the new Yazoo Brewing brewhouse

While the Gulch location was nice, Hall said that many of his regulars stopped coming downtown due to traffic and parking issues.

Hall gave us a sneak peek of tours available to the public in the brand new brewhouse!

“This is where the tours will begin… come on in! So you can see, when they’re actively fermenting, the beer is so active that it bubbles out the top and gets vented out through here. The yeast is eating up all the sugar and creating a lot of carbon dioxide as part of the process and that’ll bubble out through this venting rack here and out the bucket. So this will spin for two-three weeks,” Hall says.

The beer then gets bottled directly in the house, then shipped out to grocery stores and restaurants for y’all to enjoy at the peak of freshness!

Art of the Craft
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