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Art of the Craft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Beers that taste like smoothies!

It sounds too good to be true, but just wait ’til you see what Southern Grist has on tap this Summer.

We went to their new brewhouse in the Nations to get the inside scoop.

“So in our first brew space, 3.5 years ago in East Nashville, our entire brewing operation was as big as these two parking spots where our cars are parked here,” explains Kevin Antoon, co-founder of Southern Grist. “On our two year anniversary, we opened up this… which is our 10,000 square foot facility.”

Inside that facility is where Antoon makes the magical, crazy concoctions that put Southern Grist on the map.

Southern Grist Brewing

With flavors like coconut and vanilla and inspiration in the form of tiki-bars and cocktails, Southern Grist is changing the game.

“We have a mango push-up pop beer right now that looks and tastes like a smoothie,” remarks Antoon. “I would say one of the craziest beers we’ve done is, all our kids eat Lucky Charms and they always pick the marshmallows out, so our idea was to make a Lucky Charms beer. So we ordered 80,000 Lucky Charms marshmallows and made a beer called Marbits, which is actually what they’re called!”

That particular beer gave Southern Grist a cult-following and solidified their penchant for creativity on tap.

Southern Grist Brewing

So just how exactly are these crafty brews concocted?

“We use all-natural ingredients, a lot of purees, we do a lot of double-fruited beers which means you’re putting double the fruit in it so it’s becoming less of a beer and more like a half-smoothie, half beer,” explains Antoon.

“Using whole coconut flakes, from a brewing perspective, it’s really a nightmare,” explains General Manager, Brandon Cox. “But it’s worth it because then you taste it and it’s like, wow, this tastes just like coconut, well it’s got coconut in it. There’s a reason it tastes just like coconut.”

I had to see this for myself!

“So right here we’re grabbing a sample of a beer that’s gonna come out in a few weeks,” according to Southern Grist brewer, Kyle Arnold. “It’s called Moon Crane and it’s based on a cherry jubilee dessert, so it’s a sour ale with sweet and tart cherry puree, vanilla beans and marshmallow.”

And for all you non-beer drinkers out there, don’t let the term, “sour” deter you!

“If you’ve ever had plain yogurt, you know how yogurt just has a pleasant, clean tartness to it?” asks Cox. “We use a similar type of bacteria to sour the beer.”

So the next time you wanna drink beer and feel healthy about it, check out Southern Grist!

Southern Grist Brewing
Art of the Craft
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