Art of the Craft: Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

Art of the Craft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Fat Bottom Brewing Co. in the Nations is an ode to years past, gaining inspiration from World War II and the pin-up culture of the 40’s and 50’s. 

The Tempest from Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

Founder Ben Bredesen explains how he’s meshed modern taste and styles with historical events to create a craft brewery that speaks to everyone!

“So, I’ve got two beers that I’m going to pour here. The first is called, The Admiral, it’s a part of our Tempest line. It’s a Belgian Triple” remarks Bredesen, “the Tempest series, these beers are all named for bad-a** women of history. So, the Admiral is named after Admiral Grace Hopper who’s a personal hero of mine. She was actually the first woman to become an admiral in the Navy and was a pioneer in computer science, which is what I studied in college.”

That degree being put to good use in a spotless brewery featuring a state-of-the-art laboratory.

A look at some of the beers available from Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

“The thing that sets us apart as a brewery is our quality program,” Bredesen explains. “When we moved to West Nashville, we built a real lab and it’s something we share with all the other brewers in town when they want to get tested.”

Because nothing spoils a good day like bad beer!

Ruby Red American Ale by Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

As Bredesen showed us the brewhouse, he noted that two spoilers are often sunlight and oxidation.

“Over here is our canning line and they’re actually canning Ida right now, that’s our Golden Ale, and it is really, really fascinating, very hypnotic to watch this thing in operation…” says Bredesen

“So, the fizzling up right here is normal?” I asked. “It is normal and we actually want that! One of the big spoilage issues with beer is oxidation and so when we have that foam come up and the lid goes right over the foam, we’re eliminating any beer from getting inside the beer cans.”

That meticulous attention to detail helping Fat Bottom earn a world-class trophy wall!

Bredesen shows off “a lot of Tennessee Championship of Beer medals. We got some Can Can medals and the two things that we’re really, really proud of… these two World Beer Cup awards. So we got a bronze and a silver last year in the World Beer Cup which is basically like the Olympics of Beer.”

That award-winning taste ensured in every Fat Bottom Brewing product thanks to the laboratory.

“So, this is our QA lab,” remarks Bredesen. “Alex over here is our QA guy, our microbiologist and there is a lot of things that he does in here.”

Things like checking for microbiological growth, dissolved oxygen and seam tear-down analysis.

All so you can kick back and crush that delicious beer!

Fat Bottom Brewing Co.’s Ruby Red American Ale

“I really like this beer, it’s very grain-driven. And it’s got a really pretty color to it as well,” Bredesen shows. “So, coppery almost red color and then when you smell this beer, it’s very driven by its grain so you get toast and caramel and when you taste it, there are a bit of hops in there to balance everything out. So I think this is one of the most distinctive beers we make, there’s not a lot of red ales out there.”

Art of the Craft
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