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Art of the Craft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A craft brewery in Germantown is looking to expand after bursting onto the scene three years ago.

Bearded Iris Brewing will also open up shop in Sylvan Park in early 2020. And I bet you didn’t know, this label and their revolving line of brews are named after Tennessee’s state flower.

One of Bearded Iris Brewing’s original founders and now CEO, Kavon Togrye, explained it like this, “We wanted to make sure our taproom experience was quite a bit different from what was available in Nashville especially, but also what was available in the rest of the United States. We really liked the vibes that were in European pubs and speakeasies so we took a few different elements of that and tried to bring it together. “

Kavon Togrye, one of Bearded Iris Brewing’s original founders and now CEO, calls it a euro pub, speakeasy fusion!

Perfect for delving into the complexities of their V-Latte coffee beer which features locally roasted coffee beans from Crema.

Togrye describes the art of beer tasting, “usually try and, when you take your first sip, cover your whole pallet with the beer and see what it does for you.”

When touring the brewhouse, Togrye explains that Bearded Iris is known for their signature brew, Homestyle.

Bearded Iris Brewing’s signature Homestyle

“About half of our production is focused on one beer right now which is Homestyle,” points out Togrye. “We never really planned from the beginning to have a flagship beer but that was a beer that people kept asking us to bring back.”

Homestyle is a New England-style IPA, fruity and full of flavor.

“We came to Tennessee looking to bring, specifically, that style here but we’re also looking to branch out and make new styles all the time,” remarks Togrye. “We’re a very hop-focused brewery so we’re always searching for new hop varieties to blend together. We’ve been using hop varieties from all over the world. A lot from the United States, the Pacific Northwest region, but we’ve also used varieties from Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Germany, France and so we’re constantly looking for new hop varieties out there and what they might be able to offer. There are certain hop varieties that can give you flavors of blueberry, raspberry, pine, and citrus.”


Bearded Iris Brewing

And like most craft brewers, they truly value customer feedback.

“For us, that means constantly reading each review, listening to people in the taproom and doing whatever we can to gain insight into what people like and don’t like,” says Togrye.

So head on down to Germantown, and tell them what you think!

Art of the Craft
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