Longtime Murfreesboro barber becomes town square’s biggest cheerleader

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For 18 years Charlotte Crockett has been Murfreesboro’s town square’s biggest cheerleader.  

“I grew up in Woodbury and I used to always tell my daddy when I’m 18 I’m moving to Murfreesboro,” she recalled. “You know what he did? He bought me a huge brown suitcase for graduation so I could make my dreams come true.”  

And that’s just what she’s doing – living her dream.  

“She grew up out in the country away from the square, as I did. For Charlotte and me coming to the square is like, it’s our Manhattan,” said attorney Steve Waldron.  

Charlotte and her co-workers at Pastime Barber Shop and Billiard Room take pride in the services they offer. Haircuts are a bargain at $12. 

“It’s like a big family up here. We’re really close with our neighbors. We want everybody to succeed up here,” she said.  

A haircut will also get you a free game of pool and Charlotte even throws in her famous neck massage.  

“Fifteen years ago I was leaving the courthouse and I walked by and I didn’t know her from Adam, and she leaned out the door and said, ‘Hey you need a haircut don’t you?’ Said, ‘I kind of do.’ She said, ‘Come on sit down here’ and ever since we’ve been friends. 

Charlotte also encourages her customers to do their part and go out and vote.  

“We’re trying to get everyone to vote. We have 340,000 people in Rutherford County and only 4,000 people vote. We’ve got to get the word out,” she said.  

Voter apathy is the also the kind of problem that inspires Charlotte to write letters to the editors of local newspapers.  

“If something upsets me, I’ve got to write about it,” she explained. “If something excites me, I got to write about it.”  

Charlotte told News 2 she wants to go back to school to become a writer. She said she wants to write books that inspire and help others.   

“The square can be sterile at times but not when Charlotte’s around. She makes us feel better about ourselves and each other,” Waldron said.  

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