NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A young barber remembers his challenging middle school years and reaches out to youngsters who are struggling today.

Demarkus Drumwright is a young Nashville man who sees himself in the faces of struggling inner-city school children. So he uses his talent for cutting hair to motivate kids who need it most.

Demarkus is an artist and his studio is the barbershop. Today, he’s giving a cut to music artist and childhood friend Jamarious, who some know as 615 Exclusive. But Demarkus often uses his skills to inspire inner-city kids.

“Some of them going through stuff, some of them trying to pretend to be tough, some of them not tough. They’re all different. But they all need one thing, and that’s love,” said the barber.

Demarkus gives love one haircut at a time.

“I know what it feels like to be sitting in those chairs. Trying to get through school, school is boring, but you need school.”

It was school that helped the now 24-year-old find a passion in being a barber and father to a 3-year-old son.

“Being able to be a barber gave me the ability to have freedom with him and love on him and cater to him as a father and give to him financially.”

It’s a positive image of young black men that needs to be showcased more often.

“Being positive. Not being negative. You know because there is so much of that on social media. Everywhere you go everybody negative. Everybody toting guns and doing that. But it’s cool to do something else,” said Jamarius.

“I love what I’m doing as barbering and giving back. It makes me happy. But it also gives me a future and shows my son a brighter side just like what he wants to do with his daughter,” said Demarkus.

Last month, Demarkus gave free cuts to kids at Madison Middle School. His young friends pitched in to offer free shoes and school supplies. They are hoping to flip the script and show kids what’s possible if they are willing to work for it.