NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Greeting cards may seem like an old fashioned way to connect in an age of e-cards and social media, but it’s a $7 Billion industry.

The FiftyForward Card Crusaders are tapping into it with remarkable results.

The ladies of FiftyFoward meet twice a week at the Martin Center in Brentwood to make greeting cards.

The volunteers make the cards by hand using a papercraft technique called iris folding. Each cardmaker adds her own touch to complete the card.

What started out as a short, fun session quickly found a purpose.

“We started this about 11 years ago. We needed a bus so badly and we started it with project transportation trying to get this bus,” said Marilyn Nevens.

The bus was only the beginning.

“We’ve paved our driveway, we put in a sound system, we bought a 72 inch TV, we bought furniture,” said Nevens.

Every penny the group makes is used to fund projects for the center.

“But there are so many other layers to it as well. It gives them a sense of community. It gives them something to do. It really is a fun thing for them to do as well,” said Jodi Theobald, Director of the Martin Center.

With Christmas just seven weeks away, holiday cards are in full production. The inside of the card is blank for personal messages.

Each card costs $5 and are sold at the Martin Center in Brentwood. You’ll also find them at the Nashville airport, the Nashville Zoo, and the Frist Art Museum.