NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Turmeric native to India, ginger from southeast Asia and citrus from China. All are grown in Middle Tennessee. 

The Earth’s Advocates Research Farm in Summertown grows hundreds of species of plants to see what grows well in Tennessee. Adam and Sue Turtle, who operate the farm, are now coming to market with the harvest. 

News 2 first visited Adam Turtle last year just as plants on the Earth’s Advocate Research Farm in Summertown are ready to harvest. 

“Look at that dirt. That’s what I’m really proud of.” 

For years, Adam and his wife Sue have grown plants native to countries around the globe in Middle Tennessee. They bring the harvest to the farmer’s market in franklin. Alan Messer looks forward to buying fresh turmeric and baby ginger. 

“It’s super strong on building the immune defenses. It’s tonic for the whole system. We use it daily,” said Adam 

Adam offers free samples of citrus water made from the juice of a lesser-known plant. It’s a hearty citrus fruit produced by a thorny plant native to China called The Flying Dragon. 

“I’ve been fooling with this species for 40 years,” said Adam.  

The Flying Dragon can survive subzero-degree temperatures. This year’s wet spring and dry September produced a bumper crop of fruit called Dragon Eggs. 

“Larger than usual, juicer than usual. And I didn’t give it any supplemental water during September,” said Adam.  

Adam and Sue know what grows well in Tennessee. They encourage people to step outside the box and experiment with new species of plants. 

“We don’t know enough about the possibilities, but if we say it’s not important, we never will,” said Adam.  

I planted a few turmeric plants that I bought from Adam back in the spring. I learned a lot from my first crop, and next year’s will have a bigger yield.  

You can get plants from Adam at the market or order online