It’s been almost a decade since an elderly husband and wife were killed in their sleep inside their Middle Tennessee home.  Investigators say they haven’t given up trying to bring justice.

William and Ina Campbell were shot in their home on Jackson Road in Clarksville on January 29, 2010. Both were in their eighties.  

Daniel Champagne was their neighbor and found them inside the home that fateful day.  

“I had a key to their house. I was basically like a son to them. Like I said, they were my second mom and dad,” said Champagne.  

Champagne said another neighbor had hit the couple’s mailbox while driving. At the time, there was heavy snowfall and roads were slick. 

That other neighbor tried to call to William Campbell several times, but there was no response – so he reached out to Champagne. Champagne said he too tried to call the couple – but received no response.

Champagne said he used his key that he had been given by the Campbells to get inside their home.  

Once he went inside to check on the couple, that’s when he found William and Ina Campbell, each with a gunshot wound to the head.  

Champagne also said the house had been ransacked.

“The drawers were torn out, and the kitchen cabinets were all open,” Champagne recalled.  

The couple suffered from several medical issues in their later years, according to Champagne, and because of that, the husband and wife slept in separate beds. He said Ina Campbell still had her oxygen tube inside her nose when he found her.  

“How could somebody do something like that and walk away and never think about it?” said Champagne.  

“Somebody took the lives of an 83-year-old and an 81-year-old person. They didn’t have the right to do that,” said Sgt. Timothy Finley, supervisor of Clarksville Police Homicide Division. 

Finley told News 2 that there are specific details that point to who they think was behind the trigger.  

“Neighbors said that the dogs would’ve barked if a stranger came in and woke Mr. Campbell up,” said Sgt. Finley.  

Finley told News 2 that their investigation showed the couple had been shot in their sleep, which gave detectives an idea of who may have been behind the trigger.  

“Kind of led us to believe that somebody that knew them, and the dogs, came into that house and killed them,” said Sgt. Finley.  

Finley said at one time, the couple’s adopted son was a person-of-interest.  

“He stood to gain financially from this, so of course, he would still be looked at, but whether he actually did it or not, remains to be seen,” said Sgt. Finley.  

Investigators said what they could use now is more details.  

“In case somebody might’ve seen something or heard something back on that day in 2010,” said Sgt. Finley.  

If you have any information about the deaths of William and Ina Campbell, you’re asked to contact Clarksville Crime Stoppers at 931-645-8477