GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Thursday morning, Orange County California Sheriff’s Deputies found the two children at the center of a nation-wide Amber Alert that started in Middle Tennessee.

A Southern California mom Julia Bonin spotted 3-year-old Noah Clare and his 16-year-old cousin Amber while she was driving her son to school. She said she recognized the kids and their abductor, 35-year-old Jacob Clare, from social media photos.

“This feeling just didn’t go away. It was very much instinctual and very much a gut feeling that just it stayed with me,” Bonin said.

Without much hesitation, Bonin called 911.

“I have children of my own and I would want somebody to do the same,” Bonin said.

Investigators say the trio left Tennessee in a Subaru at the beginning of the month. Jacob Clare is Noah’s biological father and Amber’s uncle.

On Wednesday the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted photos of the abandoned vehicle they had been traveling in which was stocked with food, clothing, and blankets. The car was located in San Clemente, California.

Less than 24 hours later, law enforcement took Jacob Clare into custody at a state park in Dana Point, California. They report that the two children are healthy and unharmed.

District 18 Attorney General, Ray Whitley, who resides over Sumner County, says Jacob Clare now faces a Class A felony of especially aggravated kidnapping and custodial interference.

“I’m certainly glad most of all, and first of all, that Noah is okay and has not been harmed and that steps are being made to return him to Tennessee with his parents, with his mother I should say,” Whitley said.

The search for Noah and Amber began after Jacob Clare neglected to return Noah to his mother’s Gallatin home around November 6th.

Jacob Clare has an arraignment hearing Friday in California, then the extradition process back to Tennessee begins.

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“We’re just waiting to get our hands on him so we can prosecute him here in Tennessee for what he’s done,” Whitley said.

Jacob Clare could also be facing additional charges in California and Kentucky, where his niece Amber lives. Whitley says if Clare is convicted on the aggravated kidnapping charge he could face up to 25 years in prison.

UPDATE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports that 3-year-old Noah Clare and 16-year-old Amber Clare have been found safe and sound, just outside of San Clemente, California. Jacob “Jake” Clare is also in custody. Read the latest details as they come in here.