SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sumner County Schools received an amazing and surprising gift that will help them continue to change the lives of their students, year after year.

That’s all thanks to Hendersonville resident William Brown, who was a successful salesman, investor and property owner.

He passed away in February and willed the majority of his estate to the Sumner County School system, gifting them $8 million.

“Mr. Brown and his late wife always expressed to me their desire to have children. They never had children, and he felt like he wanted to do something that was going to have a significant impact for the people of Sumner County and our children,” explained Anthony Holt, a Sumner County executive.

(Photo: WKRN)

He continued, “Mr. Brown decided to leave $8 million to establish a trust fund, an endowment for our children in public schools, and that endowment will be used, basically the earnings from the money will be used every year to upgrade technology and add technology to the classroom. So that will be a re-occurring revenue source from now on, to not only help our current students, but the next generation and the next generation of students.”

Holt got to know Brown when the school system bought property next to his. They wanted to combine the two properties as a site for their brand new Station Camp and Beech elementary, middle and high schools.

Brown gave the county the property and asked that half a million of his $8 million donation be used to establish a park on the 265 acres.

“Because of Mr. Brown’s generous donation to the county, it’s all coming together,” Holt told News 2. “Can’t be happier with what we’re going to see in the future for this campus. Plus, this is going to be really unique. We’re going to have at least a 50 acre park to compliment the high school middle school and elementary school and all the athletic fields.”

Holt says the gift demonstrates the kind of person Brown was.

“This is the kind of person that I hope we all aspire to be. Someone who gives back, someone who cares, and someone who really has their hand out to give us a hand up and help the people of this great county and great state.”

The Sumner County School system officials are budgeting, and they expect to have the money for technological upgrades when the next school year starts.