POLL: Who is a worse driver in a roundabout?

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Bellevue’s first major roundabout is causing quite a stir after a public transit bus got stuck trying to make the curve on Thursday afternoon. 

The new roundabout, which was installed with the hope of seriously relieving rush hour traffic, is located at the intersection of Sawyer Brown Road and Todd Pries Drive. 

News 2’s Linda Ong spoke with Metro Public Works about the problem on Friday. 

Roundabouts can be tricky — and with only a few, relatively new ones in the Nashville area — and a lot of people aren’t quite in the loop when it comes to merging in and out of them safely. 

But not you…right?! Never! Or maybe so! 

News 2 wants to know what YOU think! Who is a worse driver in a roundabout — you or the other guy? Answer the poll below or click here to vote from the WKRN News app


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