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Elmer’s age is a bit of a mystery, but he is believed to be somewhere between six months to four years old. However, the shelter knows that he is a full-blown love bug. He gets along great with dogs, cats and even livestock! Elmer walks great on a leash and happily sleeps all night in his crate. As for potty training, he’s a work in progress, but he’s making strides! Email


Arizona is a social and playful pup who’s brimming with youthful enthusiasm. She’s a bundle of puppy joy followed by hard naps. Potty training is her latest endeavor, and she’s proving to be a quick learner. In her foster home, Arizona did some local brewery tours and was very adept at mingling with other dogs in lively settings. Her intelligence shines through, making her a fast learner for new tricks and house training. Email


This sweet, compact pup is the embodiment of fun and happiness. Whether she’s lounging by the pool, ready for an adventure in the town, or curled up on the couch for some quality cuddle time. Pita has aced the art of being house-trained and crate-trained, making her the ideal companion for any home. Her loves knows no bounds – she adores everyone she meets, from kids to furry friends. She’s also a dance enthusiast, and more than willing to showcase her wiggly dance moves in exchange for sweet snuggles. Email


Joplin is a 13 pound, three-year-old feline who embodies sweetness and kindness. This affectionate cat adores pets and cuddles. If you are seeking a loving companion to share your home with, Joplin is the pur-fect choice! Email


Hazel is the perfect balance of playful bursts of energy and serene moments of head-scratching contentment. She is eager to learn and already has a knack for basic commands like “sit.” Hazel is housebroken, a pro at crate training and gets along great with both dogs and humans. Treats, walks, and leash time are among her favorites activities. Email