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Nelly would love to find a family to call her own for years and years to come! She always brings a fun personality with her, and had a blast on her recent day trip outside the shelter! Nelly is always up for a walk or a ride in the car, and is good with other dogs, too! She is a snuggler, showing her love and appreciation to those who spend some time with her! Nelly is five years old and weighs about 40 pounds. Email


Reese is as sweet as candy! He is eager to share kisses with those he loves the most. Reese pulls in the leash a bit but with some training, he will drop that habit. Reese has been with the shelter for several months, and loved his time in foster care, showing how he would be a great addition to so many families. Reese is about two and a half years old and weighs 72 pounds. Email


Max is a dog who loves nice leisurely walks where he can stop to smell the flowers (and everything else, too.) Max is good with other dogs and has even spent some time with a cat, showing he could indeed live in a home with a cat. He does his business outside and is happy spending a few nice long afternoons on the couch. Max is about five years old and weighs 51 pounds. Email


Steve is very popular with the shelter’s volunteer team. His velvety soft coat feels so nice when he rests his head in your lap during a snuggle session. Steve appreciates a nice, long walk where he can investigate the smell of everything he comes across. Steve loves his snacks, which are a great way to train him new skills, building on his ability to sit. Steve is about six years old and weighs 60 pounds. Email


Neil is on the older side, but even for a nine-year-old, he’s a playful ball of love. He is a happy, gentle dog who loves to investigate all his new toys. Neil is good with other dogs, and loves to play outside with his friends. Neil is about 79 pounds, and is nine years old. Email