NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Looking for new pet? Check out a News 2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.


Evander is a great hiking buddy who loves spending time with his favorite people. He spent some time outside the shelter this weekend and was perfect houseguest. Evander enjoys smelling the flowers and enjoying all there is in his world. He is about a year and a half years old and weighs 51 pounds. Email


Dio has the most enchanting eyes, which go with his terrific personality. He shows his love by always being by your side. Dio loves his treats, learning lots of new skills once the treats come out. He has lots of energy, so his ideal adoptive family would be an active one. Dio is about three years old and weighs 46 pounds. Email


Eddie is a young pup who gets excited when its time to play. He loves chasing after his ball, and is working on giving it back so you can keep playing all day. Once play time is over, he is ready to snooze the day away. Eddie still has lots of puppy energy, and would love to find his perfect lifetime playmate. Email


She is affectionate, trainable and oh so silly! Helena enjoys staying by your side and hops in the car along for a ride. She has all the silly puppy curiosity without any of the house mess. Helena is a smiling ball of sunshine who’s ready for adventure! This sweet girl is about two years old and weighs 50 pounds. Email


This little guy is a sweet kitten ready to find his forever home. Jack has been in foster care with a couple of his siblings while he grew big and strong. He is now ready to explore the world around him, and be an all-around curious kitten. Jack is about 10 weeks old. Email