NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Looking for a new pet? Check out News 2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville!


A senior with lots of love to give! Georgette would make a great addition to the right family. She loves to shower her favorite people with kisses and always leaves the shelter’s staff with smiles on their faces. Georgette is a great leash walker, knowing that a nice walk is a great way to bond with her people. She is nine years old and weighs 63 pounds. Email


Merlin got to spend a few days outside the shelter this weekend, and his host family said he was a total gentleman! He loved the chance to go on more walks and hikes than he is used to, and enjoyed some ore comfortable sleeping arrangements once he was all tuckered out from the activities. Merlin is fully house trained and is great with kids. He is about two years old and weighs 61 pounds. Email


Drax is a beautiful dog who just needs a little time to decompress when he meets someone new. Once he decides they are up to snuff, he is a calm and friendly dog. Since he has been at the shelter, Drax has really enjoyed spending time lounging in the grass and walks with his favorite people. Treats are the way to his heart, and belly rubs are welcome from everyone he meets. Drax is about a year old and weighs 46 pounds. Email


Clipboard is a dog who appreciates his independence as well as a strong relationship. He would love to find someone who enjoys spending time outside together so he can sniff and investigate the world around him. If you like to give belly rubs, Clipboard would be happy to receive them. He is not the clingy types and is happy giving his people their time to themselves after playtime is over. Clipboard is about two years old and weighs 65 pounds. Email


Pickle is a sweet cat who loves to explore his world. He takes his time warming up to new people, but once you are in his good graces, you are sure to receive lots of love! Pickle would love to find his forever family. He is about two years old and weighs about seven pounds. Email