NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Looking for a new pet? Check out News 2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.

John Prine

If you sit around thinking about “When I Get To Heaven”, John Prine here might be the answer! John Prine is as sweet as can be, he just needs a little time to get warmed up to you. He is about two years old, and loves to play. He is learning a lot with the help of some treats, and a lot more commands are in his future! John Prine weighs 38 pounds. Email

Tim McGraw

While some might judge you for a barbecue stain on your white T-shirt, that is not the case for Tim McGraw! Tim McGraw is a sweet pup who loves to get outside. He is easy on a leash, rarely pulling and allowing you to decide how quickly or slowly you might want to go. Tim McGraw is kennel-trained, so keeping his area clean is something he is already good at. Tim McGraw is about a year old and weighs about 49 pounds. Email

Faith Hill

Adopting Faith Hill will allow you to give her “This Kiss” over and over again! Faith Hill is a playful dog, who is always ready to spend some time with her favorite people. She is very sweet, showing affection to those who spend time with her through kisses and snuggles. Faith Hill is about a year old and weighs 37 pounds. Email

Emmylou Harris

The real Emmylou Harris is a big animal advocate, opening her own animal rescue here in Middle Tennessee. This Emmylou Harris is just as sweet! Emmylou is great on a leash, and loves exploring the area around the shelter with MACC’s volunteer staff. She is always ready for a belly rub, and is more than happy to offer some affection in thanks for your pets. Emmylou Harris is about two years old and weighs 51 pounds. Email