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If you are looking for a lovable, friendly dog who will always be by your side, come meet Dillon! Dillon is good with other dogs and has a ton of fun playing with his friends in the play yard at the shelter. He shows lots of affection to the people who spend time with him, offering snuggles and kisses. Dillon is about a year old and weighs 65 pounds. Email


All playful wiggles and big smiles, Ted’s happiness just can’t be denied. This cutie doesn’t walk so much as prance along beside you stopping to sniff a flower or investigate a stick. When he’s done exploring, he bounds back over to check in and get some love. This social butterfly makes friends with everyone and would be a great companion for outings and adventures. Ted is a little over a year old and weighs 45 pounds. Email


Randolph is on the younger side, and like all puppies, he really likes to play. Randolph is a sweetheart, always checking on his walker when he’s outside for a stroll. Randolph has a lot of energy, and loves to jump and run around outside to help burn some of it off. He is a cutie who would do great in an active home where he can grow and learn! Randolph is about seven months old and weighs 37 pounds. Email


Draco is a lap dog at heart, even if he might be a bit big for some of the laps he climbs into. Draco loves to show his affection, leaning in for pets and belly rubs. He walks well on the leash, needing to stop every so often to take in the sights and smells. Draco is a terrific dog that would offer tons of love and appreciation for his adoptive family. Draco is about three years old and weighs 53 pounds. Email


Adams is a lovable and playful dog that has some really unique markings on his eyes and face. Adams always has a smile on his face, and that joy rubs off on the people who spend time with him. He will make a great dog for a family that would like a companion who will always keep them laughing. Adams is a year old and weighs 55 pounds. Email