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Scott – 7 Years Old – Neutered Male- Heartworm Positive

Scott came in as a stray on September 23rd, 2021, since then he has been in 5 different foster homes who all had wonderful things to say about him, but Scott is still looking for his forever family. Some of Scotts likes are: walk time, snuggles, sleeping with people, other dogs, kids, freshly cut grass, and treats. He is very sweet and quiet, and loves attention and affection. However even though Scott may be a senior dog he does have some spring left in his step, one of his fosters took him on a several mile long walk that he enjoyed and it has been noted in the shelter that he cannot be left outside unattended because he has been found to climb the fences around the play yard and sunbath on top of the canopies. On the leash he will occasionally walk ahead and give slight pulls but corrects very easily. Scott could do well in a home with other animals if they could respect his boundaries, he would much rather enjoy some alone time snoozing on the couch or walking with his humans then playing with other animals. Scott can be considered a people pleaser or a velcro dog.  Email

Whitman- 10 Years Old- Neutered Male

Whitman came to us as a stray on November 4th, 2021. He went on an outing for a day, his foster stated “Rode great in the car, very sweet and loves attention. Is pretty timid of noises and new things, but gets reassurance from people. Has a lot of nervous energy. Will probably take a while to decompress in a home. May do well in a home with another dog who is calm and confident. Walks well on leash and is very polite about taking treats. Overall good, sweet natured boy.” While at the shelter our veterinarians suspect that he has arthritis, although this does not stop him from getting up to go on a walk, leaning in for hugs and pets and learning new tricks for treats. Email

Oliver – 7 Years Old – Intact Male

Oliver came to MACC as a stray on October 25th, 2021 and hasn’t left since. He is very gentle but excited. He does pull on the leash and is not super easy to steer but is working on walking with his handler. Oliver has been to a few play groups with the other dogs in the shelter and is a rough and rowdy play style and plays mutually with other dogs while responding well to corrections. He is a cuddle bug after he has worn himself out playing and going on sniffy walks. Our volunteers believe once settled into a home will be a couch potato in between adventures with his new forever family. Email

Bernadette – 8 Years Old – Spayed Female

Bernadette was brought to MACC on October 30th, 2021 as a stray. She is very friendly with strangers and will come up to you for attention, head butts when being pet and loves to sun bathe in her sun spot found in her kennel. She would love to laze around and receive affection while her new family are relaxing on the couch. Email

Magic – 6 Year Old- Neutered Male- FIV Positive

Magic came in on October 6th 2021 as a Stray and has won the hearts of many of the staff here at MACC. He is incredibly sweet and friendly, loves all the attention while being quite talkative. He will come right up to the kennel door to greet any stranger and have a good chat. Magic is FIV positive and would need to either be in a one cat home or a home with all FIV+ cats since it can be transmitted between cats. FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and cats with FIV can go on to live long, happy and healthy lives. Email