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Ozro’s favorite thing to do is go on walks, and he makes sure you enjoy the time outside as much as he does. He doesn’t pull on the leash and makes sure to use outside to do his business. Ozro has learned to “sit” and is already picking up some other skills like “down.” His sweet face is sure to give you all kinds of warm feelings, which he will gladly exchange for pets and love. Ozro is five-years-old and weighs about 75 pounds. Email


Morticia would make a great companion for so many families in the community! She is a fun and happy dog who loves to share kisses and enjoys any time she can get outside. Morticia has the cutest little teeth which she likes to use when she smiles at her favorite people. She loves to chase tennis balls and would do well in a home with an active family. Morticia is three-years-old and weighs 47 pounds. Email


Quinn is the life of the party! She is a smart dog who has already mastered “sit” and is ready to learn more with her adoptive family. Quinn loves to play fetch, and has plenty of energy to keep the playtime going all day long. Quinn is two years old and weighs 43 pounds. Email


Myers is a magnificent dog with one blue eye that draws you in. Myers loves to show off his smarts, picking up “sit” with just a little work and a few treats! He is content spending time on the couch – just as long as a long walk or some sort of energetic playtime is also part of the plan. Myers is a sweetheart who would love to find his family. He six-years-old and just over 50 pounds. Email


A true gentleman, handsome King really lives up to his name. This handsome boy is full of love, showing a sweet and gentle side to his personality. King enjoys walks and nice ears rubs. He always does his business outside on a walk and is known to be good with kids. He is a gentle player, but does not care for others dogs in his face. King is four-years-old and weighs 50 pounds. Email